Western (A play starring Antigone and her brothers). Blurb.


A girl, let’s say her name is Antigone, witnesses something, say the mutual killing of her two brothers at each other’s hands. A writer, maybe Sophocles, is writing the story for them, for the three siblings, with some help. How does Antigone face her loses? She is got to do something, burry them, at least. But what if she can’t, what if she is forced to choose to bury only one of them? Only one of her brothers. Why? The circumstances… say, it’s a post-war time. Or, stirring things up with a bit of dark humor, what if she has to face one of her own brothers, a corpse, turned administrator of land and borders, who does not allow her to bury the other brother? Antigone carries the corpse around the stage. What is she to do? Or what will the writer decide for her, if the story has already been written, so many times? Come and see!

Written by Cristina Perez Diaz
Directed by Javier Antonio Gonzalez

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